Another couple of tips to improve your customer service writing is to use bullet points when articulating a “step-by-step” process and to stick to one idea per sentence, where possible. Winning is a habit. 1A and 2A use the word as an adverb. How to use "unfortunately" correctly in a sentence? However and. They then punctuate that clause correctly.

Use unfortunately in a sentence

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Here are ten words to use instead. English But that unfortunately has become a tradition! volume_up more_vert.

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I tried two approaches: OpenAI’s cookbook parallel processing code batched with 20 prompts per request (each prompt is one review sentence of average 50 tokens). But the word is inappropriate here. " Unfortunately, I missed the bus again. . Stephanie Powers. 243+19 sentence examples: 1. " Unfortunately, I missed the bus again.

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1A and 2A use the word as an adverb.

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We found a nice room to rent, but unfortunately it is unfurnished, so I'll have to buy.

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I have around 48M sentences I need to process.

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